• The Exterior Group, Inc.
  • Last week I had the pleasure of having all the doors and windows in my home replaced by your company. I was sold on the Windows because I know the quality that Anderson produces. What made me choose the Exterior Group was your representative Ray Sage. Ray did an amazing job walking me through the process of choosing the windows that fit my needs and detailing out how a proper install would be done to alleviate any future problems with my new windows and doors. Ray kept me very informed through the entire process. The highlight was the install. Ray and his installers took their time and made sure I was happy with each window as it was installed. Their attention to detail in making sure the area was spotless and clean after each window was truly impressive. The same detail was given outside of my home as anything that fell on the ground was taken up and put in trash bags to be disposed of. It is refreshing to find the company that is honest and truly gives the customer 100% of what was discussed in the sales pitch. There was no add owns and no tricky gimmicks. Ray told me what he needed to do and gave me a fair price and it was completed promptly.

    I would like to close this letter by stating if you ever need to use me as a reference for any future customers I would be more than willing to take a phone call or allow someone to look at my home to see the type of work that your company performs.

    I would like one last time to thank Ray and his team for doing an amazing job. This is what I expected from an Anderson certified installer, and I was not let down.

    - Leonard Lee

  • The Exterior Group, Inc.
  • Jerry and I have lived in our Fernandina Beach home since 1992. Our home was due for a facelift and Four Pointe Windows and Doors was recommended to us. Now that the remodel is complete, we can honestly say that the final outcome is stellar.

    All representatives of Four Pointe Windows and Doors showed pride in their work and were meticulous and of the highest work ethic one could expect. We thank Four Pointe Windows and Doors for their time and effort for improving the aesthetic and functional qualities of our dwelling. We recommend them to their prospective clients.

    - Lisa and Jerry Hooper

  • The Exterior Group, Inc.
  • For the past eight years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Stephen on several upscale projects. Stephens extensive knowledge in building construction, building materials and building diagnostics has assisted me in consistently completing projects that allow me to have peace of mind knowing I can provide my clients with a warranty I can stand behind.

    When it comes to the building envelope and any water intrusion issues Four Pointe Windows and Doors is the only call I make for all my windows, doors, and siding needs. I do not hesitate in recommending Stephen and Four Pointe Windows and Doors.

    - Frank Tucker